In the study year 2017/18 the Cuban-European Youth Academy is offering a postgraduate course in Cuba. This diploma in “Fundamentos teóricos de la interpretación históricamente informada de la música ” addresses issues raised by the interpretation of musical heritage.
The postgraduate course includes individual tuition, chamber music and the theory of music in the spirit of historically informed performance practice. Auditions were held to choose up to six students per instrument. (During the 2017/18 semester, these instruments are the violin, viola, violoncello and clarinet.) Students receive around five hours’ individual tuition a week and nine hours of lessons with their chamber music ensemble. They are additionally  offered six hours of music theory a week in classes closely linked to the work of music that is being taught elsewhere on their course. The course is being held in association with the Universidad San Gerónimo, the Gabinete Esteban Salas and the Lyceum Mozartiano.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff will include teachers from the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble, distinguished soloists working on the European musical scene and lecturers specializing in musicology, among others:

Anna Melkonyan, Igor Karsko violin

Pablo de Pedro, Alfonso Leal del Ojo viola

Christoph Dangel, Thomas Kaufmann cello

Florian Schüle clarinet

Miriam Escudero, Moises Santiesteban, Iliana García theory


All musicians from Cuba who have completed a course on their chosen instrument are entitled to apply.


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