Music, Theatre and Recitation

Working with the Cuban composer and musician Jenny Peña, the German actress Johanna Wokalek has devised a special evening-length programme featuring music, recitation and acting. It weaves together Latin American texts in German translation with classical Cuban music and arrangements of traditional Cuban works. The music will be performed by the Caribe Nostrum Quintet. The Quintet’s first violin, Jenny Peña, is writing and arranging all of the pieces to suit the selected texts.


Johanna Wokalek recitation

Caribe Nostrum
Jenny Peña Campo violin
Javier Cantillo Laffita violin
Osvaldo Enriquez Castro viola
Roberto Mario de la Maza cello
Aristides Ariel Porto Garcia clarinet


06. August 2017 | Rheingau Musik Festival
08. August 2017 | Rheingau Musik Festival
09. August 2017 | Kultursommer Nordhessen
11. August 2017 | Attergauer Kultursommer
12. August 2017 | Merzhausen, Forum Merzhausen