Cuba – A Quest

Together with the composer and arranger Jenny Peña Campo and her quintet Caribe Nostrum, the actress Johanna Wokalek has approached Cuba’s varied culture with her show Cuba – A Quest. The five members of Caribe Nostrum perform contemporary Cuban music and arrangements of traditional Cuban songs, while Johanna Wokalek explores the history and culture of the Caribbean nation with the help of topical texts and poems in a way that avoids all clichés and ideologies. Music, recitation, acting and film – Johanna Wokalek in dialogue with five Cuban musicians: all of this led to provide a thoughtful evening of sensual entertainment fuelled by a Caribbean love of life that seduced the audience in various concerts in summer 2017. Further performances are scheduled.

“Beyond all the twaddle about folk music, Johanna Wokalek and her Cuban friends provide an evening of unexpected encounters and powerful empathy for the many unheeded inhabitants of a remote island state.” Offenbach-Post, 10 August 2017

Cast 2017

Johanna Wokalek dramaturgy and recitation

Caribe Nostrum
Jenny Peña Campo violin and compositions
Javier Cantillo Laffita violin
Osvaldo Enriquez Castro viola
Annette Antunes Guevara cello
Aristides Ariel Porto Garcia clarinet

Esther Muschelknautz dramaturgical assistant
Manuel Horstmann sound and projections
Michael Lentner lighting
Jonas Beckmann project manager

Recent concerts

08. August 2017 | Rheingau Musik Festival
09. August 2017 | Kultursommer Nordhessen
11. August 2017 | Attergauer Kultursommer
12. August 2017 | Merzhausen, Forum Merzhausen