The two-year scholarship programme of the Balthasar Neumann Academy accompanies exceptional music students on their way into life as working musicians. They receive financial support and training in the use of their instruments and are given a grounding in historical performance practice and in chamber and orchestral playing. The Academy plans individual workshops (on such themes as musicians’ rights, concert presentation, programme planning) for the recipients of scholarships, and these “scholars” also attend master classes to perfect their instrumental technique and expression. Selected tours and operatic projects of the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble enable scholars to broaden and deepen their orchestral experience.
“The Academy is the right place for anyone who wants to get more out of life! If you simply listen and take a close enough look, the music always has something to tell you. The Balthasar Neumann Academy has helped me to recognize that. It has introduced us to Cuban students and their music, and so I have made friends with them and could visit Cuba. I shall never forget that.” Mladen Somborac (scholar 2014–2016)

“Sometimes I have the feeling that at this point in history, everything is moving much too quickly. We often lose sight of the nature and sense of things, and we forget how important art and music really are. At the Academy, the meaning of what we are doing is the most important thing and the first step forward – everything else comes later.” Lorenzo Meseguer (scholar 2014–2016)