One important element of the scholarship programme at the Balthasar Neumann Academy consists of the monthly workshops. During the work phases in Hamburg and Freiburg, scholars rehearse chamber works under the supervision of leading teachers and work intensively on technique and expression. They also receive instruction in such subjects as dramaturgy (programme planning), press relations, fundraising and legal aspects of music, alongside the more “musical” topics of Baroque dance, audition training and accompaniment of singers.

Workshops 2016/2017
„Dramaturgy I” with Johannes Bosch (dramaturg), introduction, individual lessons
Vocalist accompaniment and continuo playing with Jakob Pilgram (tenor), Michael Behringer (harpsichord) and Christoph Dangel (cello)
„Music Law I“ with Prof. Clemens Pustejovsky (lawyer and mediator)
Chamber music with Nimrod Guez (Viola)
Baroque violin making with Stefan Sielaff (violin builder)
Workshop „Baroque dimininutions” with Leila Schayegh (violin)
Chamber music with Davide Vittone (double bass)
„Dramaturgy II” with Johannes Bosch
Chamber music with Daniel Rowland (violin)
„Music Law II“ with Prof. Clemens Pustejovsky (lawyer and mediator)
Continuo playing with Michael Behringer (harpsichord)
Chamber music with Florian Donderer (violin)
Workshop „Language and breathing” with Tanya Aspelmeier (soprano)
Chamber music Antoaneta Emanuilova (cello)