The Balthasar Neumann Academy holds monthly workshops in Hamburg and Freiburg. There are also school projects and special concerts by scholarship holders as well as special concerts as part of the Cuban-European Youth Academy that are mostly held in Hamburg and Freiburg.
In the 2019/2020 season the Baden Württemberg-Stiftung and the Familie Gerhard Wöhrl Stiftung are supporting several activities of the Balthasar Neumann Academy. Furthermore, the work of the Academy is supported by numerous private sponsors: these include free donations, establishing contacts and making resources available. In this way you can help to place the training and sponsorship of young musicians on a sound financial footing. You too can support the work of the Balthasar Neumann Academy and become a sponsor.

As a sponsor of the Academy you will receive:

  • the season’s brochure for the Balthasar Neumann Choir and Ensemble as soon as it appears in print
  • a quarterly report on the Balthasar Neumann Academy
  • invitations to attend exclusive Academy concerts
  • invitations to join us on the tours that are held as part of Academy projects, including visits to Havana and Oslo. (The Balthasar Neumann Academy team will assume full responsibility for organizing travel, visas, accommodation and so on.)
  • personal contact with the musicians and scholarship holders taking part in the Academy’s projects
  • an official receipt for your annual donation

If you are interested in becoming an active sponsor of the Balthasar Neumann Academy or if your company wishes to support the Academy, please contact us.

Lea Jakob
Balthasar Neumann Academy
Tel. +49 40 360 361 814