Balthasar Neumann is our joint visionary project.

With our choir, orchestra and academy, we create free spaces for radical interpretations and outstanding artistic experiences. For us, music is wisdom, magic, love and a source of storytelling. We know what we play and why. We explore the meaning of each work through the lens of authentic and historically informed performance practice. We support each other, onstage and beyond, and create a high artistic quality as a result of the deep and strong social bonds we have with each other. Human solidarity and artistic entrepreneurship coexist in harmony. Throughout Europe, we engage deeply with the places of our various residencies due to our profound belief in culture as a connecting power. Despite it all!

Ralf Ernst
Raimonds Spogis
Petra Ehrismann
Hanna Roos
Nino Gmünder
Alice Borciani
Iris Guemy
Christiane Bruckmann-Hiller
Elisa Siber
Alina Godunov
Veith Kloeters
Kristina Chalmovska
Julian Huss
Nicola da Maso
Lena Ruisz
Philipp Mahrenholz
Ulfried Staber
Anna Troxler
Rafael Roth
Lalita Svete
Karin Gyllenhammar
Florian Schuele
Wolfgang Frisch
Valerie Colen
Andrey Akhmetov
Basma Abdel-Rahim
Andreas Werner
Marie Legendre
Angel Alvarez
Karim-Elias Mayer
Moritz Goerg
Michael Schmidt-Casdorff
Christine Süssmuth
Anja Bittner
Ingo Nelken
Maria Roca
Rebecca Krieg
Friedemann Klos
Gigi Mueller
Dorothee Wohlgemuth
Michael Hufnagel
Anna Wierod
Ute Weitkaemper
Helena Poczykowska
Philipp Comploi
Christoph Dangel
Anna Terterjan
Andrea Rognoni
Christoph Hülsmann
Mladen Somborac
Pablo de Pedro
Lukas Reiss
Bartek Lossy
Irina Makarova
Muhammedjan Sharipov
Diego Zecharies
Mirko Ludwig
Hans Wijers
Xenia Gogu
Sebastian Kuerzl
Laura-Esther Riverol-Mitchel
Astrid Leutwyler
Henriette Otto-Dierssen
Tobias Schlierf
Fabian Kelly
Mike Asche
Jane Tiik
Renee Allen
Donata Boecking
Jenny Pena-Campo
Eva Summerer
Annemei Blessing-Leyhausen
Kerstin Dietl
Anne Bierwirth
Moni Nussbaecher
Enrique Rodriguez-Yebra
Clemence Faber
Christian Rathgeber
Patrick Flassig
Thomas Koell
Jo Holzwarth

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Here you can find insights & impressions from our musicians: Starting with our violin player Jenny, giving an insight on what Balthasar means to her.