Scholarship Holders 2023 - 2025

We are very much looking forward to spending the next years with our fifth generation of scholarship holders.
Welcome Anna Maddalena, Guillermo, María Angélica, and David!

Anna Maddalena Ghielmi, violin

Anna Maddalena Ghielmi was born into a family of musicians in a small village in northern Italy, near Lake Maggiore. She first completed her studies in Stuttgart, and is currently doing her Master’s in Frankfurt am Main.

„I have also been playing baroque violin for a few years and am generally very fascinated by original instruments and their unique sound. I am very interested in this academy because I think it is exactly the kind of music-making I like. To meet other young people with this passion, to be guided and accompanied by experienced musicians.“ 

Patrons: Karen and Stefan Müller

Guillermo Santonja di Fonzo, violin

Guillermo Santonja di Fonzo was born in Madrid, studied in Hamburg for four years and now lives in Madrid again.

„This programme unites for me exactly what I want in my professional life: a broad repertoire, an active exchange with people from other cultures, and the combination of chamber music and symphonic repertoire.“

Patrons: Ingeborg and Bernd Kahnert

Maria Angélica Pérez Martín, viola

Maria Angélica was born in 1996 in Pina del Rio, Cuba. She has lived in Munich since 2021, where she first completed her Bachelor’s degree and will be studying for her Master’s from next semester.

„When I first played a viola with gut strings and baroque bow about 7 years ago, it definitely opened the door to another world for me. I’m really happy to be part of this experience as an academician and I’m looking forward to working with the Balthasar Neumann Orchestra over the next two years and learning about its very special art of music making.“

Patrons: Christiane and Dr. Lutz Peters

David Neuhaus, violoncello

David was born in Heidelberg in 1999. He is currently studying baroque cello in Frankfurt am Main. He previously completed his Bachelor’s degree in Freiburg.  

„I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to play chamber music and orchestral music at a high level at the Academy and, above all, to gain more direct practical experience in historical performance practice. I am also very excited about the exchange with the Cuban musicians from the Cuban-European Youth Academy.”

Patrons: Ernst-Herbert and Christiane Pfleiderer Stiftung / Christiane & Ernst-Herbert Pfleiderer