Balthasar Neumann Choir

Formed in 1991 by Thomas Hengelbrock, the Balthasar Neumann Choir is defined by a deep passion for music, the highest artistic quality and an irrepressible joy in singing. With great success, the vocal ensemble repeatedly sets out on musical treasure hunts, surprises with spectacular interpretations, and creates magical moments for an international audience.

Our singers, all of whom are also active as soloists, come together from all over the world to blend their voices into the unique sound of the Balthasar Neumann Choir. Intensive rehearsals and a profound examination of compositions and their creators are just as important as living, eating and travelling together to the various residences in creating the unique quality of our choir, in which each singer can contribute and develop individually.

Tobias Schlierf
Anja Bittner
Jo Holzwarth
Anna Terterjan
Friedemann Klos
Ulfried Staber
Alina Godunov
Helena Poczykowska
Bartek Lossy
Anne Bierwirth
Nino Gmünder
Hans Wijers
Mirko Ludwig
Ralf Ernst
Fabian Kelly
Andreas Werner
Annemei Blessing-Leyhausen
Karin Gyllenhammar
Alice Borciani
Kerstin Dietl
Clemence Faber
Petra Ehrismann
Hanna Roos
Karim-Elias Mayer
Thomas Koell
Christine Süssmuth
Dorothee Wohlgemuth
Andrey Akhmetov
Eva Summerer
Christoph Hülsmann
Jane Tiik
Anna Wierod
Wolfgang Frisch
Raimonds Spogis
Irina Makarova
Ute Weitkaemper
Christian Rathgeber

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Here you can find insights & impressions from our musicians: Starting with Christine, giving an insight on what singing in the Balthasar Neumann Choir means to her.

Artistic Board Choir

Anne Bierwirth / Alto, Germany
Detlef Bratschke / Choir Director, Germany
Jakob Pilgram / Tenor, Switzerland
Dorothee Wohlgemuth / Alto, Germany


The Balthasar Neumann Choir holds annual auditions for all vocal subjects. You are welcome to apply for this. Please send your application with your CV and audio material (several works from different epochs as a link or audio file) to Raphaela Dörfer: