Balthasar Neumann Orchestra

The Balthasar Neumann Orchestra is distinguished by the courage to discover, outstanding musical quality and for its pure joy in playing, to name but a few of its many countless qualities. Formed in 1995 by Thomas Hengelbrock, it is one of the world’s leading historically informed orchestras due to its reputation for continually presenting new perspectives on music, energetic interpretations full of conviction and for its ability to think beyond pigeonholes and boundaries. These internationally revered musicians are united by their desire to: grasp compositions as profoundly as possible on all levels and to clarify their relevance for our times; put themselves at the service of music and to be as authentic as possible, both on and off the stage.

Anything but boring and conventional, the Balthasar Neumann Orchestra is renowned for its kaleidoscopic performances full of risk-taking and passion. To ensure that these values are carried forward into the future, the Balthasar Neumann ensembles train their own young musicians in various academy programmes and share their musical knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation along with their audiences.

Laura-Esther Riverol-Mitchel
Andrea Rognoni
Rafael Roth
Lalita Svete
Renee Allen
Kristina Chalmovska
Moni Nussbaecher
Anna Troxler
Moritz Goerg
Patrick Flassig
Ingo Nelken
Mladen Somborac
Veith Kloeters
Christoph Dangel
Iris Guemy
Gigi Mueller
Xenia Gogu
Sebastian Kuerzl
Muhammedjan Sharipov
Angel Alvarez
Astrid Leutwyler
Philipp Comploi
Michael Hufnagel
Maria Roca
Mike Asche
Nicola da Maso
Michael Schmidt-Casdorff
Marie Legendre
Rebecca Krieg
Elisa Siber
Jenny Pena-Campo
Lukas Reiss
Florian Schuele
Christiane Bruckmann-Hiller
Enrique Rodriguez-Yebra
Pablo de Pedro
Lena Ruisz
Basma Abdel-Rahim
Julian Huss
Donata Boecking
Henriette Otto-Dierssen
Valerie Colen
Philipp Mahrenholz
Diego Zecharies

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Here you can find insights & impressions from our musicians: Starting with Renée, giving an insight on what playing horn with the Balthasar Neumann Ensembles means to her.

Artistic Board Orchestra

Nicola dal Maso / Double Bass, Italy
Christoph Dangel / Violoncello, Switzerland
Pablo de Pedro / Viola, Spain
Moritz Görg / Trumpet, Germany
Pablo Hernán Benedí / Violin, Spain
Andrea Rognoni / Violin, Italy
Florian Schüle / Clarinet, Germany
Diego Zecharies / Double Bass, Uruguay


If you are interested in working with the Balthasar Neumann Orchestra, please send your application with CV and audio or video material (several works from different epochs as a link or audio file) to Katrin Kierig: