​The Balthasar Neumann Foundation was founded in the beginning of 2021 and exists to partner with and support the Balthasar Neumann Ensembles. The foundation will help to make various projects for the ensembles possible and will ensure that the long-term work of the ensembles can continue in the future. Thanks to the foundation, innovative, international, outstanding, and culturally significant projects can be carried out, not only in difficult times for cultural institutions, but also in the long term.


The foundation adheres completely and solely to the rules for not-for-profit organizations as detailed in paragraph detailing “tax-deductible functions” of the general tax code of the Federal Republic of Germany. The aim of the foundation is to promote arts and culture and to raise funds which contribute to these tax-deductible aims by applications to other tax-privileged corporations and to public institutions.

The aims of the foundation will be put into effect through:

  1. Financial support for international cultural projects, in particular for orchestral and choral music projects carried out by the Balthasar Neumann Choir and Ensemble.
  2. Financial support for orchestra, choir, and opera productions, as well as support for concerts and performances conforming to the highest artistic standards which are open and accessible to all.
  3. Fund-raising for, and payment of funds which support measures that help young people of all cultures to have access to and perform classical music.

Support for enterprises which are carried out by the Balthasar Neumann Choir and Ensemble or by other not-for-profit and/or public organisations in the area of choral and orchestral music.


Stiftung Balthasar Neumann
Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa)
IBAN: DE49 2005 0550 1501 5516 81

There are numerous ways to support the foundation – whether through donations, charitable distributions, planned giving, or bequests. We are happy to advise you about the individual configuration of your contribution. Feel free to contact us – we are excited about your interest!


Please contact Christina Schonk with any questions regarding the foundation:
+49 40 360 361 813

Postal Address:
Stiftung Balthasar Neumann
Susannenstraße 26
D–20357 Hamburg


The Balthasar Neumann Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity in civil law and is registered in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


Stiftung Balthasar Neumann
Susannenstraße 26
D–20357 Hamburg 


Board of Directors:
Thomas Hengelbrock (Chairman of the Board)
Christina Schonk (Assistant Chair) 

Board of Trustees:
Claus-G. Budelmann
Dr. Klaus Engel
Stefan Müller
Dr. Lutz Peters
Dr. Sven Prüfer


Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Justizbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
Justizverwaltungsamt – Stiftungsangelegenheiten
Drehbahn 36
D–20354 Hamburg