After having received more than 200 applications for the scholarship programme, several audition rounds took place – first online and the last one finally in person. In the end, four candidates were selected to receive a scholarship for the next two years, starting in September 2023. We are very much looking forward to spending the next years with our fourth generation of scholarship holders. Welcome Barbara, Laura Esther, Ana and Victor!


Barbara was born in Southern Germany in 1998 and has been studying with Daniel Sepec at the Musikhochschule Lübeck since winter 2016/2017. She is currently studying for her master’s degree.

“The violin has been part of my life ever since I can remember. I have always been curious about the things, thoughts and circumstances behind a work, like to explore new things and search for a sound that touches and creates connections. I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn from the members of the ensemble together with the other scholarship holders at the Balthasar Neumann Academy, to discover new aspects of music-making across all epochs and to be led further into the world of historically informed performance practice. The diverse projects and the chance to make music together with the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble – and especially with the choir! – are unique for me.”


Patrons: Ernst-Herbert und Christiane Pfleiderer Stiftung / Christiane & Ernst-Herbert Pfleiderer


Laura Esther is 24 years old and grew up in Cuba. After having completed her studies at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, she moved to the Netherlands for a Master degree at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague with Ilona Sie Dhian Ho. She has recently started a one-year Artist’s Certificate study programme at the same conservatoire.

“Joining the Balthasar Neumann Academy will broaden my perspective as a future professional musician. To experience working with great musicians in Europe is something that I am very passionate about. It is very important for me to have more knowledge about the historical performance practice, to know more about the roots of music, to play historical instruments, to have a broader vision of what I can do with my instrument. I think that joining the Balthasar Neumann Academy can be a boost for my starting career as a professional musician. I am very thankful for this unique opportunity and I am really excited and eager to start this wonderful musical journey!”


Patrons: Karen & Stefan Müller


Ana was born in Spain in 1994 and moved to the UK for her studies. After completing her Bachelor degree in July 2019, she is currently continuing her studies at the Royal College of Music in London with Nathan Braude. 

“As a violist who has just got into the historical performance practice, I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity of playing with and learning from the members of the BNE, as well as my fellow scholars. I’m looking forward to expanding my musical prowess, and extend my knowledge of the historical background of the repertoire. I had the chance of having “a taste” of the way the BNE works when I played the full Brahms programme project back in October/November 2020. I can only say that it made a huge impact and influence on how I approach and understand his music since then. As well as that, I have come to appreciate more the value of being historically informed, and the beauty of sound that can come out of playing on gut strings in an orchestra! I’m very excited to have two years to dive into more chamber music and orchestral repertoire along these lines.”


Patrons: Poolhaus-Blankenese Stiftung / Ingeborg & Bernd Kahnert


Victor García García is 27 years old and grew up in Sevilla. He studied with Jens Peter Maintz at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and is currently working on an artistic doctorate in Glasgow.

“I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to learn and be part of the artistic dynamics of such an enthusiastic and energetic group of musicians. I had my musical education as a modern player and since 2019 I have entered the world of Historically Informed Performance Practice as well. It has been a really exciting time for me, and I think it is the artistic path I would like to take. I am sure this experience will help me deepen my knowledge about historically informed performance and I can’t wait to discover new repertoire and share it with other wonderful musicians. The chamber music aspect of the programme is especially interesting to me, as it will allow us to know each other better and have the time to improve our skills as artists. I am deeply honored to be able to be part of this institution.”


Patrons: Christiane & Lutz Peters