The Corona pandemic has made musical life stand still for many long months, but the Balthasar Neumann Ensembles are now back on  stage. Thanks to their own safety and health procotol, which is based on regular PCR tests of all participants and a strict group quarantine, they are able to play and sing – with freelance musicians from more than 25 nations and without distance on stage.

For all concerts and rehearsals in Hamburg, they found an invaluable partner: the Laboratory Dr. Heidrich & Kollegen. The cooperation makes it possible that all participating musicians can get tested several times for the rehearsals and concerts which enables playing and singing without distance, but with highest security and safety standards.

We would like to thank Dr. Heidrich and his team for joining us in this partnership without any hesitation. With their help, they are granting a relevant and generous contribution, so that we can make music again.

„Many people have suffered physically or mentally due to the Corona pandemic. Thus, music is more important than ever, it is mandatory to keep it alive. We would like to make a small contribution and are therefore supporting these fantastic musicians.“ DR. JENS HEIDRICH