Circle of Friends

As a member of the Balthasar Neumann Circle of Friends, you can support the ensembles with a fixed annual donation amount and enjoy special benefits. Your membership is just a click away.

To do this, follow the link to the membership application or contact us:
Nina Brach

Your advantages: You will receive the season brochure from Thomas Hengelbrock and the Balthasar Neumann ensembles hot off the press at home and will be one of the first to find out what the new season will bring. In our regular newsletter we also provide you with background information about concerts, CD productions and upcoming projects. We invite you to rehearsal visits, exclusive concert introductions and special concert tours - the organization is handled by the Office for International Cultural Projects. In addition to the right of first refusal for selected concerts with a circle of friends discount, you will of course receive an annual donation receipt for your donation.

We appreciate your support!